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Written by Administrator on Tuesday August 22, 2023

EnviroCollective Board Members and Volunteers

Rob Deglau - Board Chair

Rob, a lifelong resident of North Central, emerged from the inner city to become a devoted community advocate. Graduating from Scott Collegiate in 1976, his roots in the area run deep, having attended Albert School. Over two decades, Rob's commitment to North Central flourished, evidenced by his three-term tenure as a city Councillor for Regina’s inner city neighborhoods.

With a background as a small business owner and extensive volunteer engagement, Rob possesses a distinctive perspective on community development. His impactful role as Executive Director at the North Central Community Association further cemented his dedication. Equipped with a University Certificate in Community Development, he even shared his insights as a guest lecturer at the University of Regina and SIAST Campuses, focusing on community and neighborhood economic development.

Rob's involvement extended to advocacy and collaborative initiatives for social, economic, and housing reform. Upon retiring from the North Central Community Association, he remained active in the community, now serving as Chair of ECN (EnviroCollective Network Inc), a newly established nonprofit. At the helm of the Regina Climate Hub chapter under the Climate Reality Project Canada, Rob empowers citizens to become climate leaders. The Regina Climate Hub strives to unite community, businesses, and government to promote global best practices for achieving climate goals.

Shari Hildred - Secretary

Shari Hildred, PMP estabished Valmore Consulting Inc. in Regina SK in 2011 and opened a second location in Prince Albert in 2021 where she focuses exlusively on working with non-profit organizations. Shari draws on expertise gained from over 20 years of management and project experience in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Shari’s senior executive management spans Saskatchewan provincial government,cultural, heritage, First Nations, social inclusion, humanitarian, sport and arts sectors where she focused on business analysis, financial management and projects in a variety of disciplines.

For over a decade Shari has shared her expertise in leadership, project management, and communications courses as a Professional Development instructor and facilitator with the U of R.  She is a lifelong learning having studied at the University of Victoria, Jonhson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy and has completed GBA+ training.

Her achievements include:  Recipient of City of Regina, Municipal Heritage Award in Category of Education; Recipient of Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, Heritage Architecture Excellence Award; and, in 2023 Shari was nominated for the YWCA Women of Distinction Award in the Category of Community Champion.

Amy Snider - Board Member - Team Leader "For Our Kids Saskatchewan".

Climate change is an issue that I believe requires us to shift how we think about our own as well as our collective existence on this planet. Every part of my life is in some way connected to this issue. I am involved in environmental activism, participating in several environmental organizations and taking part in political advocacy. I get my students to read texts dealing with environmental issues through my job as an English instructor at the University of Regina. As a student in a Masters of Fine Arts program, I create conceptual clay and ceramic sculptures that represent the effects of the climate crisis. As a parent, I’ve been on my son’s elementary school’s council for the sake of ensuring environmental stewardship is considered in its daily operations. While thinking about climate change so much can be exhausting, I regain strength from spending time in nature. My happy place is swimming in glacial lakes. I’m originally from BC, and my small family makes a drive out to spend time in its mountains and on its coast nearly each summer. We also go on several camping trips within Saskatchewan each year, taking in the vastness of the views and appreciating all the birds we get to see (my husband and son are avid birders). I am definitely grateful for the life I’m leading, and I very much hope my son and his generation, as well as generations to follow, will be able to have such opportunities.   

Mariah Yee - Board Member

Bill Wells - Board Member