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  • The EnviroCollective would like to be a hub for parents and caregivers to use for homeschooling children about climate change and other environmental issues, especially in these Covid19 times. Below are two types of resources: “kid sources” (websites that kids can use to learn about environmental issues themselves) and “parent sources” (articles and websites for parents to use for gaining ideas about how to talk to children and/or teach them about climate change).
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  • These are articles and websites with information for parents to consider when deciding how to talk to their children about climate change.
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  • These are websites with age-appropriate information and activities that you can have your kids to read/use on their own. You could easily develop assignments based on any of these websites, such as having them write about something that they learned or having them make a list of possible measures your family can take to reduce your footprint. Several of these websites include games and activities themselves
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  • General discussions
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