EnviroCollective Receives Research Grant

Written by Administrator on Thursday July 28, 2022

EnviroCollective recieves a grant from Community Engagement and Research Centre (CERC) to do a study on enhanced landfill recycling. 

The grant will allow the EnviroCollective to do an environmental scan examining publicly available information of best practices of enhanced recycling and reuse methodology prior to, and at the landfill level. The goal is to identify practices globally of activity that can drastically reduce solid waste by identifying materials that can be reused, repurposed and or recycled at the community level.

The goal is to produce a report highlighting quick wins that could be easily adopted in Regina. It is hoped that the report will provide insight on what materials could easily be recycled and what mechanisms need to be in place. Examples would include, construction waste diverted to Habitat for Humanity Restore operations, bicycles to an inner-city bike repair coop (Saskatoon), appliance parts that are no longer manufactured but are needed by the appliance repair industry, furniture to various goodwill operations, clothing and cloth to community stores, rags and cloth to sewing programs etc.

EnviroCollective is wanting to provide evidence that integrated recycling strategies are a viable alternative solution in climate change and can create new economic spin offs for the communities that they are established in.